In this class, attendees will not only get to shoot a professional model one-on-one, they will gain an in-depth understanding of the complex profession and what it means to be a "fashion photographer." Together, you will create a strategic plan to execute your goals as a fashion photographer. The day will include a thorough review of your portfolio, what is it missing and how do you go about filling these gaps in your shoots to come. Heavy emphasis will be placed on production and collaboration.

  • How to fully produce a high-end, professional shoot that will produce images for your portfolio.
  • How to approach modeling & creative agencies to work with top talent. 
  • How to communicate/direct your model & lead your team.
  • How to pitch to editors of magazines and have your stories published. 

From the business of fashion to art direction, pre-production to post-production, these topics and more will be answered during your masterclass with Nick Sabatalo!


Intro To Your Instructor & Portfolio Review

  • Limit your portfolio review to 10 - 15 images
  • Note: that your portfolio does not need to consist of fashion images! We have had a range of photographers take our workshops, from landscape photographers, wedding shooters, and even car editorial photographers! 

Coaching Session

  • Express your goals for your photography
  • Develop a strategy together for achieving your goals

Meet Your Model & Plan For First Look

  • Go through style rack of clothes and choose the first outfit!
  • Talk with beauty team on hair & makeup and decide on a direction for the first look!  

Test Lighting

  • While the model is in hair and makeup we test the light, dialing everything in to the point of ready to go when she is shoot-ready
  • Learn how to recreate the light in the image references

Shoot First Look

  • Your instructor warms up the model, shares his techniques while you're able to observe him before you shoot 
  • Alternate shooting the model with other attendees, while you're not shooting you are assisting and learning from one another 

Shoot Three Diverse Looks

This is a planned schedule, subject to adjustments. 

Please bring 35mm & or 120 film to accommodate shooting 3 looks.

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