Nick Sabatalo began his career in the fashion industry as a model. Modeling in Los Angeles & New York he then spent time abroad modeling in Asia & Europe. After modeling for Kenji Onglao, the first to photograph him on film and not digital, Sabatalo became interested in photography. Gifted his first camera, an analogue 35mm Nikon F100, he fell in love with the craft since shooting his first roll of film.

Sabatalo founded 35mm Magazine to be a platform and outlet for fashion photographers to showcase their film only images. Since becoming Editor-In-Chief, Sabatalo started to conduct photography workshops and in 2017 alone has instructed over 40 attendees on the art of shooting fashion with analogue techniques. Model turned photographer, both sides of the camera and now from a client POV as Editor-In-Chief, his experiences in the industry has given him a 360 outlook on fashion and therefor a unique high level of awareness of what it takes to be a successful fashion photographer.