PORTFOLIO BUILDER: NYC | March 17th - 18th


PORTFOLIO BUILDER: NYC | March 17th - 18th

from 500.00


...not Instagram models!

Shooting fashion is a very precise recipe. Miss even just one of these key ingredients & risk sacrificing your final image. 

  • Professional "Fashion" Model...not "Instagram" Model
  • Clean Hair & Makeup
  • Strong Styling
  • Location
  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Art Direction
  • "DIRECTION"...Directing your model, being decisive with your team, you are the leader of the shoot! 

Everything is handled for you at your portfolio builder weekend! 


Join us for both days & SAVE $250

Shoot not just 3 models, but SIX when you get the full weekend experience!

LIMITED SPACES - We expect to sell out!

Day 1: Saturday, March 17th "Shoot 3 Models"

Day 2: Sunday, March 18th "Shoot 3 Models" 

See full details below for the planned itinerary & FAQ

Workshop Fee's & Deposits are non-refundable



Day 1: Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Day 2: Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Time: 9AM-5PM

(Both days have the same schedule)

  • 9am - 10am: HAIR & MAKEUP

    • Discussion on Moodboarding for your shoots
    • How to collaborate with hair & makeup artists & stylists
    • While hair & makeup is finishing we look at wardrobe & choose our first look!
  • 10am - 10:30am: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF SHOOTS

    • Light is dialed in & all technicals set
    • Model is warmed up
    • Observe the creative direction given

    • You are paired with another photographer for the day to assist one another
    • Once you have both shot your model, you cycle to the next and so on to shoot 3 models in one day!
  • 1pm: LUNCH

    • Do to dietary restrictions it is much easier if everyone brings their own lunch
    • Snacks & beverages will be provided

    • Editor-In-Chief Nick Sabatalo Talk
      • How to reach out to agencies to shoot professional models!
      • How to properly submit your work to magazines!
    • Surprise Guest Speaker TBA!

Frequently Asked Questions

I. Do we provide our own film?

Attendees provide their own film, not because we can’t afford to give you film, but because we want you to use the film that you’re most comfortable with. If you’re a die-hard Kodak fan I wouldn’t want to “force” you to shoot FujiFilm…this is for your portfolio so how the images look, the colors, the grain, is important to you and your style and remaining consistent is important.

II. Ok, so I provide my own film, what do you recommend?

It's less about the "brand" and more about the ISO that we'll offer suggestions because again we want you to use the film brands you love the most. For those models being shot using strobe or on-camera flash we suggest ISO's of 200 and less, but 400 works well too! 400 will be a versatile option for those natural light moments, there is no need to have an ISO higher than 400.

III. How much film do you recommend? 

We suggest 1 roll of film minimum per model and at most 2. Two things to keep in mind, first is your own costs and also realistically you will only be putting 1 to 2 images per model into your portfolio. Having more film that you don't end up shooting isn't a bad thing, I have a feeling you'll be scheduling another shoot again real soon that you can put it to good use, so come prepared, but again, no need to overshoot.

III. Where exactly does the course take place? 

Location for portfolio builders are TBD within 2 weeks of the event date. For hotel accommodations if you are looking to book early, we suggest something in the heart of the city. Start times are not so early in the morning that you will have difficulty commuting to the location. 

IV. Can I take a few images on digital too or is this strictly film only? 

All workshops teach a professional workflow that utilizes both digital photography and film. Digital cameras, however, are not a requirement. Digital photography is to be used to light test, dial your settings, and warm up the model briefly before you’ve exhausted those “authentic moments” that we so much desire to be captured on film. 

P.S. All workshops & portfolio builders are conducted in English